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ExpenseLogic is the powerful expense management software you need. Eliminate countless tedious hours and identify expensive billing errors and fees – automatically. ExpenseLogic easily performs your company’s Communication Lifecycle Management (CLM), Telecom expense management (TEM), Wireless Expense Management (WEM), Mobile Device Management (MDM), and Utility Expense Management (UEM) in one, easy-to-use platform. So you can put the time and money back where it belongs – into your organization.

Communication, telecom, and utility expenses are often the second or third largest business expenses after payroll. ExpenseLogic’s extensive data capture and reporting capabilities will ensure your spend is correct before payment leaves your office. Employing a robust permissions-based web reporting tool, ExpenseLogic gives each member of your team exactly the level of detail they need to be effective.

RadiusPoint takes a tailored set-up approach with ExpenseLogic, building into the database every detail that makes your organization run efficiently. ExpenseLogic allows for all impossible-to-manage invoices to be easily administered, audited, and paid on time.

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RadiusPoint understands that the telecom, utility, and loss prevention invoices are unique and need special attention. Our focus on these transactions has allowed ExpenseLogic to become the most intelligent and flexible software application and service offering in the industry. ExpenseLogic’s superior technology, coupled with the technical expertise of the RadiusPoint staff, transforms your billing data into immediate cost savings, strategic information, and insight.


Dashboard Views
SQL Ad Hoc Query
Invoice Approval
Invoice Image
Wireless Inventory
Wireless SQL Ad Hoc Query
Inventory Database
Equipment Maintenance and Lease Database
Contract Repository


Exception Reporting
Missing Bill Reporting
Wireless Zero Usage Reporting
Wireless Device Reporting
Wireless Plan Reporting
Help Desk Management Reporting
Inventory Report
Master Detail and Summary reporting
Scheduled Reports


Long Distance Audit by Service type
Long Distance Audit Monthly Service fee
Long Distance Line Analysis
Long Distance Vendor Call Accounting
PBX Call Accounting
Minimum Annual Revenue Commitment (MARC) Analysis



ExpenseLogic is a robust, feature packed software that includes the following capabilities:

Accounts Payable

Allocation of charges by Cost Center number, Location number or both is available with ExpenseLogic. Cost Accounting for special projects or contractors is available for accounts processed on a monthly basis. Remittance reports and creation of checks with remit to address printing and reporting is also available.

Wireless Management

ExpenseLogic Wireless Management software manages your wireless device, invoices and vendor orders in one area. E-bonding with the vendor to order new services follows through to the set up of the new number and device for proper Cost Allocation the very first month of billing.

Asset Management

Managing your wireless devices, routers, PBX systems, Cloud devices has never been easier with ExpenseLogic’s Inventory Database. Housing the equipment by Cost Center or location number or Employee ID with serial number and lease payment and maintenance contracts ties the Accounting side to the Asset Management side.

Contract Management

Contract Management is easy with ExpenseLogic’s Contract Management database. The Contract Management database ties the service or devices and equipment with the contract and gives the capability to view the actual contract document. Email notification 90, 30 and 30 days prior to expiration ensures that your contract expirations won’t be missed.

Reporting Analytics

Business Intelligence drives ExpenseLogic’s capabilities to a new level of information. The robust reporting system allows for queries and filters to get you to your information faster. From basic spend reporting to detailed Budget analysis and Exception reporting, ExpenseLogic will meet your reporting needs. The SQL Query allows each field in ExpenseLogic to be queried for any length of time.

MACD Ticket System

This versatile MACD ticketing system will allow for orders of services or equipment throughout your organization. The Carrier Branded Shopping experience allows for specific Carriers information, equipment and services can be ordered and tracked for the full lifecycle of the order.

Expense Audit

Verifying your contract costs or non contract costs that need to be more closely managed can be audited on a daily basis within ExpenseLogic. Limits can be set at a line item detail, not just the account number level, to give you pinpoint accuracy of where the overcharge is occurring.

Document Management

ExpenseLogic’s Document Management system allows for instant recall of invoices images and Contract images as needed. Multiple search functions allows for the end user to search for needed images with a few clicks at their desktop.


ExpenseLogic Capabilities:

ExpenseLogic’s ability to streamline the ordering process through to the payment process gives ExpenseLogic an efficient service enhancement for your Accounts Payable, Wireless, Communications and Facilities departments.


- Manages various Utility invoices, gas, energy, waste, garbage, sewer
- Manages various telecom/IT invoices, telephone, long distance, mobile/wireless, data, cable
- Supports telecom and IT equipment procurement and management


- Cost control features
- Supports various discount models
- Export function to Excel and to Website
- Instant email function

Real Time

- Hierarchy as used and requested by client
- User authorization levels, view, data entry, administrator
- Real-time views of invoices

Client Specific

- Accrual files, client specific
- General Ledger Interface file, client specific
- GL Interface examples: SAP, J.D. Edwards, Great Plains, Peoplesoft
- Software Interface with Image software services, Image Now, Scan One, etc…



- Supports batch process
- Error detection for contract compliance
- Single platform for multiple types of expenses
- Posts reports to website functionality


- Email Report functionality
- Asset management Repository and Tracking
- Procure-to-pay lifecycle tool
- Help Desk module

Detail Views

- Management overview for multiple Support Desk users
- Inventory reporting by location
- View services by location
- View exceptions/vendor errors

User Friendly

- Responsive Design
- Device Accessibility
- Email capabilities of various reports
- Secure access driven passwords